[MARMAM] Vivamar and Bottlenose dolphins off Istria, Croatia - still having few spots for the volunteers in 2017

mag. Darja Ribaric darja.ribaric at vivamar.org
Wed Jun 7 02:52:41 PDT 2017

Vivamar Society, founded in the year 2002, is still having some free
volunteer spots for this summer. 

This year our main focus continues to be studying the influence of nautical
tourism to the local bottlenose dolphin population (T. truncatus).

With the help of students and volunteers we have achieved great results in
obtaining baseline data about the local dolphin population (distribution,
abundance) and are helping in shaping the conservation steps for these

Activities in raising the awareness of the local people, nautical tourists,
and communication to fishermen are running in parallel to present the
importance of dolphin preservation for the entire marine ecosystem. During
the stay students will, along with the research methods, learn also how to
prepare and deliver the key messages, which might remain as a good learning
experience also for the everyday life and later for the employment.

VIVAMAR teams are small and offer intense connection between the team
members and an attention of a researcher to the motivated students. The
program comprises numerous lectures on the Marine Mammals topic and offers
hands on experiences in the field research, including methodology, data
analysis and possible engagement in Vivamar awareness activities to the
local people. 

For the team dates please check here: http://vivamar.org/volunteer/

You can see more about our activities: http://vivamar.org/research-projects/

Besides doing a research, this is an excellent offer to students that would
like to visit a new country, yet to help in conservation of the last
constantly present marine mammals in the area of the NE Adriatic. 


Please write to info at vivamar.org for more information about the 11 day team

You will get the costs details, a welcome pack, logistic details and how to


Required Qualifications and conditins:

*	no previous experience is mandatory but is an advantage,
*	min work on a programme 4-6 hours/day; you will work 8 out of 11
*	strong interest to study marine mammals, positive attitude to other
team members, 
*	being able to recognize the importance of dolphin conservation &
research for the local Marine Ecosystem and through this - Vivamar efforts
in the area,
*	 independent work, as well as in the group, 
*	basic computer literacy in Microsoft Office and possible ability in
writing the reports (or at least a will to learn that);


Let's meet this summer in the sensitive NE Adriatic for the Dolphin


DARJA RIBARIČ, Master of Philosophy in Biol.
President and Head researcher

darja.ribaric at vivamar.org
VIVAMAR Society for the Sustainable Development for the Sea

Dolphin Research & Conservation / Marine Wildlife Awareness 





Recognised in the Ministry for Environment 

as being in the public interest 215-10/2007/4


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