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Sarah McComb sarah.mccomb8 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 11:23:21 PDT 2017

Hi all, 

This years art exhibition for the marine mammal conference held in October, 22nd-26th, 2017 is currently acceptation applications. Anyone interested in displaying artwork at the conference please send the attached application form and any questions to exhibitors at marinemammalscience.org <mailto:exhibitors at marinemammalscience.org> (list “Art exhibit” in the email subject). The initial deadline for the art exhibit is Monday July 24 to be processed and notified of acceptance by Monday, July 31st. Applications may not be reviewed once this deadline is past if space fills.

At a glance, science and art may appear rather divergent fields of study. A closer look, however, will show these two fields are merging driven by the rise in social media, and greater accessibility to digital photography and video through mobile phones, compact cameras and drones. But how can the artisan and the scientist benefit each other? Artists have a different view of the world and can provide new interpretations of old ideas and thoughts. As technology has advanced scientists have become more reliant on remote data collection to study ecology, while the artist continues to observe the life around them. Artists cultivate new work through inspiration and the scientist plays a key role here, conveying new facts and perspectives. Artists provide dissemination through avenues not accessible by scientists. 

The SMM2017 will attract international marine mammal scientists, managers and policy makers from more than 30 countries to engage in interdisciplinary dialogue on the world’s most pressing marine science and conservation issues. This is a unique opportunity to blur boundaries and bring artists and scientists together to inspire new ideas, directions and most importantly celebrate the life of the ocean. 

Attached documents give information on the opportunities for artists to participate in this one-off event and share their work and view of the marine world with marine mammal scientists. If you wish to sell work please see application on pages 2-3; if you wish to exhibit work please see application on pages 4-5.

Sarah Dier-McComb
Art Exhibit Co-coordinator for the Society of Marine Mammalogy
exhibitors at marinemammalscience.org <mailto:exhibitors at marinemammalscience.org>

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