[MARMAM] cetacean tissue samples available for collaborative analysis

Russell Fielding rtfieldi at sewanee.edu
Thu Jul 13 08:55:21 PDT 2017

Dear MARMAM list,

My lab has a set of tissue samples collected from cetaceans caught for
human consumption by the whaling operation in St. Vincent, West Indies. We
are currently analyzing the samples for concentrations of Hg (total and
organic) and HOCs. Sufficient portions of each individual sample remain for
additional research. If your lab is interested in using small portions of
these samples, please contact me at russell.fielding at sewanee.edu. We have
muscle, blubber, kidney, and liver tissues from *Globicephala macrorhynchus*,
*Orcinus orca*, *Stenella longirostris*, *Grampus griseus*, and *Pseudorca
crassidens *but not every tissue type is represented for each species.

Russell Fielding

Russell Fielding, Ph.D.
Department of Earth and Environmental Systems
The University of the South
Sewanee, TN 37383 USA

office: Snowden Hall 211B
phone: 931-598-1815
email: russell.fielding at sewanee.edu
web: sewanee.edu/faculty/fielding
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