[MARMAM] SMM 2017 WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: Experimental science in wild and captive marine mammals

Jason Bruck jb296 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Wed Jul 12 13:15:02 PDT 2017

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce the following workshop to be held on Saturday October 28th, 2017 at the upcoming SMM conference in Halifax

Title: Experimental Science in wild and captive marine mammals


Given the difficulty working with marine mammals, research programs often have a long-term focus on favored populations, which can separate scientists that work with wild populations from those focusing on animals in facilities. However, the body of marine mammal research shows that findings from both sources are critical to understanding marine mammal cognition, communication, physiology, biology, and conservation challenges. This workshop includes lectures from prominent scientists who have published on both facility-managed and wild animals (Sam Ridgway, Gerry Kooyman, Peter Tyack, Vincent Janik, Kathleen Dudzinski, Terrie Williams, Michael Moore, Paul Ponganis, Xavier Manteca, Cynthia Smith and Kelly Jaakkola). The workshop will provide insights into experimental science used in facilities and the wild to show how both approaches can complement each other. For example, including interrelated zoos can give greater data independence and controls absent in the wild; however, wild populations allow the evaluation of ecology on biology/behavior. Some animals in facilities are studied in the field, bridging differences between the methods. The speakers will discuss which settings are suited to provide data for scientific problems related to conservation, pathology, physiology, behavior, cognition and communication. Speakers will also discuss welfare in the wild and in facilities and make recommendations for the best approaches to solve conservation issues.

This will be a great forum to ask questions of and gather insight from some of the best experimental scientists in the field of marine mammalogy. We look forward to seeing you in Halifax. 

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Andreas Fahlman and Jason Bruck

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