[MARMAM] Experienced satellite tagger wanted for South Georgia right whale cruise

Jackson, Jennifer A. jeck at bas.ac.uk
Fri Jul 7 22:42:24 PDT 2017

Dear Marmam,

We are looking for an experienced satellite tagger to be part of our EU BEST research project cruise to South Georgia and Shag Rocks, departing from Stanley (Falkland Islands) on 22 January 2018 for four weeks. The work will be focused on satellite tag deployments on southern right and humpback whales. The research platform will be RV Song of the Whale [http://www.marineconservationresearch.co.uk/rv-song-of-the-whale/]. Tags will be deployed directly from this boat.

Applications will only be considered from field biologists who have >5 years of experience deploying transdermal implantable satellite tags on large whales, and in particular on right whales. Evidence of experience with setting up and troubleshooting equipment, as well as directing satellite tagging campaigns, is required. Sailing experience and experience collecting biopsy samples and photo-identification data is also an advantage. Please provide a quote for costs per day and CV demonstrating suitability for the requirements set out above.

Application deadline Monday 17th July 2017.

Thanks and best wishes,


Dr Jen Jackson
Molecular Geneticist
British Antarctic Survey
High Cross
Madingley Road
Cambridge CB3 0ET
Tel +44- 1223-221358
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