[MARMAM] Anouncement: SMM Workshop - Killer whales in western North Pacific and the Okhotsk Sea

Yoko Mitani yo_mitani at fsc.hokudai.ac.jp
Thu Jul 6 11:37:04 PDT 2017

Dear all,

We are organizing a workshop on killer whales in western North Pacific
and the Okhotsk Sea at the Biennial conference in Halifax.

If you are attending the conference please consider participating in
this workshop:

Title: Killer whales in western North Pacific and the Okhotsk Sea

Killer whales (Orcinus orca) are distributed in all oceans of the
world, and those in the Northwest US and western Canada have been well
studied since 1970’s. Whereas on the opposite side of the Pacific,
Russian Far East killer whales are studied since late 1990’s, and
intensive studies have just started in the eastern Hokkaido, Japan
since 2010. The studies in Japanese waters have revealed many killer
whales are observed in Nemuro Strait in early summer, and off Kushiro
in fall, and photo identification, acoustic and tracking studies are
currently underway. Although their social structure and prey
preferences are still unknown, this population seems to migrate along
Kuril islands and share the same calls with Russian waters. The goal
of this workshop is to begin discussion among people studying killer
whales in the North Pacific and the Okhotsk Sea focusing on
similarities and differences between locations.

Date/Time: Sunday, October 29, 2017; 08:00-12:00

If you have any question, please email to the following address:
*Notification: I am on board until 13th July, internet access is
limited. So my reply may get delayed.
until 13th July,  <mitani040 at oshoro.fish.hokudai.ac.jp>
from 13th July, yo_mitani at fsc.hokudai.ac.jp

Cost: $50 (Early Bird); $60 (After September 15, 2015)

We look forward to seeing participants at the conference.


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