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The text below appeared as Correspondence in *Nature* today (547, 32;
http://dx.doi.org/10.10.1038/547032b).  A pdf copy is available on request.

*Japan’s disregards whaling review again*

Japan has continued to kill whales since the 1986 commercial whaling
moratorium, purportedly for research under Article VIII of the
International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling.  Last month, the
country issued permits for a new scientific whaling programme (NEWREP-NP)
in the North Pacific.  This is despite an assessment by an International
Whaling Commission (IWC) expert panel in February 2017 that Japan’s lethal
sampling remains unjustified.

  The panel also concluded that the NEWREP-NP proposal gave insufficient
justification for sampling design and sample size, and failed to show that
additional age data from dead whales could improve management of whale
stocks. There were further concerns about the impact of the proposed
catches on minke whales around Japan and South Korea – populations that are
already threatened by high fisheries bycatch. The panel therefore advised
that NEWREP-NP should not start, pending further study.  In May, the IWC
Scientific Committee endorsed the panel’s recommendations.

   A previous expert panel reached similar conclusions in 2015 about
Japan’s Antarctic scientific whaling programme, NEWREP-A (see A.S. Brierley
and P.J. Clapham *Nature* *529*, 283; 2016, and J. Morishita *Nature **531,
*35; 2016).  As with NEWREP-NP, this went ahead anyway, despite the
availability of widely used non-lethal alternatives for acquiring the
information needed for stock management.

(The signatories are all national delegates to the International Whaling
Commission’s Scientific Committee and collectively represent a majority of
countries attending the committee’s most recent annual meeting in May.  The
opinions expressed herein are those of the authors. They do not necessarily
reflect the policies or opinions of the governmental, academic or private
institutions with which the authors are affiliated).

*Phillip J. Clapham** *Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle,
Washington, USA.*

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**Corresponding author*

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Brazil.  rodrigo.almeida at itamaraty.gov.br
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*Eugenia Arguedas* Montezuma *Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservacion,
San Jose, Costa Rica*. *eugenia.arguedas at sinac.go.cr
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*C. Scott Baker **Oregon State University, Newport, Oregon, USA.* *
scott.baker at oregonstate.edu
<scott.baker at oregonstate.edu>*

*Elanor Bell* *Australian Antarctic Division, Hobart, Tasmania,
Australia*. * elanor.Bell at aad.gov.au
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*Robert L. Brownell Jr.* *Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Monterey,
California, USA*.  *rlbcetacea at aol.com <rlbcetacea at aol.com>*

*Elke Burkhardt* *Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Bremerhaven, Germany.
elke.burkhardt at awi.de <elke.burkhardt at awi.de>*

*Danielle Cholewiak **Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole,
Massachusetts, USA*.  *danielle.cholewiak at noaa.gov
<danielle.cholewiak at noaa.gov>*

*Justin Cooke **IUCN, Gland, Switzerland.*  *jgc at cems.de <jgc at cems.de>*

*Mel Cosentino **University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK*.
*orcinus.orca.1758 at gmail.com
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*William de la Mare **Australian Antarctic Division, Hobart, Tasmania,
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*Mike Double **Australian Antarctic Division, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
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*Pedro Fruet **Centro Mamíferos Aquáticos-CMA/ICMBio, Santos SP, Brazil.
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*Pierre Gallego* *Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg.  pierregallego at yahoo.com
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*Ana María González **Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development,
Bogota, Colombia*.  *gonzalezanamaria80 at gmail.com
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*Nicole Hielscher **Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries, Hamburg,
Germany*.  *nicole.hielscher at thuenen.de
<nicole.hielscher at thuenen.de>*

*Miguel Iñiguez **Fundación Cethus, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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*Yulia Ivashchenko **Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle, Washington,
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*David Lundquist **Department of Conservation, Wellington, New
Zealand*.  *dlundquist at doc.govt.nz
<dlundquist at doc.govt.nz>*

*Sarah Mallette **Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, Virginia
Beach, Virginia, USA*.  *sarahmallette at yahoo.com <sarahmallette at yahoo.com>*

*John McKinlay **Australian Antarctic Division, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia*
.  *John.McKinlay at aad.gov.au <John.McKinlay at aad.gov.au>*

*Simone Panigada* *Tethys Research Institute, Milan, Italy*.
*panigada69 at gmail.com
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*Graham J. Pierce **Instituto de Investigacións Mariñas (CSIC), Vigo, Spain
and CESAM & Departamento de Biologia, Universidade de Aveiro,
Portugal*.  *g.j.pierce at iim.csic.es
<g.j.pierce at iim.csic.es>*

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*Meike Scheidat* *Wageningen Marine Research, Ijmuiden, the
Netherlands*.  *meike.scheidat at wur.nl
<meike.scheidat at wur.nl>*

*Marina Sequeira* *Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests, Lisbon,
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Croatia*.  *ana.strbenac at dzzp.hr <ana.strbenac at dzzp.hr>*

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