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The Society for Ecological and Coastal Research - SEACR - is a non-profit
organization, established in 1998, dedicated to scientific research on the
ecology of near-shore marine systems. Registration for a Marine Naturalist
course run by SEACR is now being taken. The course likely will run *March
18-19, 2017* and be hosted at the *University of Victoria, BC*. The
course includes
16 hours of instruction including presentations on local marine ecology and
practical naturalist interpretation techniques. Course will be taught by
professional marine researchers and naturalists. Course fee is $200 for
both days, or $100 per day.  Lectures will incorporate bones, slides, video
and other visual aids to help describe ecology and act as tactile teaching
tools. We will also spend time in discussion with, and hearing anecdotes
from, scientists, and experienced guides and professionals. The course will
cover an array of topics from the biology and evolution of whales and
other marine mammals to cutting edge research on acoustics, whale habitat
and ocean ecosystem structure. The course will focus on marine mammals
common to the BC coast; however, there will also be a look at examples of
the more rare and fascinating species visiting the west coast, including
those from more offshore locations. Find more information here:

This course is designed for all levels of interest: those taking to enhance
knowledge and general curiosity, as well as being an excellent opportunity
for an individual working towards a job in the marine ecotourism industry.
Upon completion of the course participants will receive a course pack, a
recommended reading list, and a certificate recognized by Professional
Whale Watching Operators on the coast.

Questions regarding the Marine Naturalist Course can be directed by email
to: whalelab at gmail.com

To register - send an email expressing your interest to whalelab at gmail.com,
and a reply with further details for enrollment and course description will
follow. Course is subject to interest, with a minimum participant number


Society for Ecological and Coastal Research
P.O. Box 35052
Victoria, British Columbia
whalelab at gmail.com
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