[MARMAM] 2 year Postdoctoral position at Duke University Marine Lab

David Johnston dioptrica at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 15:41:26 PST 2017

Great 2 year postdoc opportunity at Duke University marine lab for anyone
interested in coastal/marine conservation & drones.

No prior experience using drones needed (we can teach you that). However, a
passion for asking new questions in conservation is mandatory. We're
looking for someone who is pushing the envelope. Position open to all
fields of coastal & marine conservation - this includes those interested in
all aspects of marine mammal research. We have a strong marine mammal group
here, so come be part of an awesome team.

Candidates must have a sense of humour, be interested in being part of a
dynamic lab, willing to participate in other on-going projects, and engage
in community outreach.

Check out the ad here:



Dr Dave Johnston at DUML

David.johnston at duke.edu

Thanks y'all.

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