[MARMAM] New conceptual modeling paper on impacts of coastal hypoxia on harbor seal foraging

Steingass, Sheanna Sheanna.Steingass at oregonstate.edu
Fri Jan 20 16:21:55 PST 2017

Dear Colleagues,

My co-author Markus Horning and I are pleased to announce the publication of a new article examining the potential effects of coastal hypoxia on harbor seal foraging efficiency:

Steingass S, Horning M. (2017) Individual-based energetic model suggests bottom up mechanisms for the impact of coastal hypoxia on Pacific harbor seal (Phoca vitulina richardii) foraging behavior. Journal of Theoretical Biology 416:190-198.


1.       An individual, conceptual model of Pacific harbor seal foraging energetics was created in STELLA modeling software (© iSeeSystems).

2.       Efficiency of foraging on three species of prey was tested during varying levels of upwelling-driven coastal hypoxia.

3.       Increased hypoxia led to differentiation of prey benefits, suggesting switches in foraging tactics may occur during coastal hypoxia to maintain optimal foraging.

4.       This model suggests a mechanism by which coastal hypoxia may result in increased foraging efficiency for Pacific harbor seals due to prey habitat compression.

You can currently freely access and download the publication via this link:
Please feel free to contact me with questions, or if you are unable to access the article.
Warm regards,
Sheanna Steingass, PhD Candidate

Oregon State University
Pinniped Ecology Applied Research Lab | Marine Mammal Institute
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Hatfield Marine Science Center, 2030 SE Marine Science Dr. Newport OR 97365
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