[MARMAM] Workshop: analysis of data from high-resolution animal-borne tags, August 2017

Stacy De Ruiter sld33 at calvin.edu
Tue Jan 17 22:40:58 PST 2017

We are recruiting participants for a workshop on analysis of data from high-resolution animal-borne tags, to be held in St Andrews, Scotland on 7-9 August 2017.  A brief description of the workshop is below, and more details are available online: http://creem2.st-andrews.ac.uk/analysis-of-data-from-high-resolution-animal-borne-tags-workshop/. The site also contains a link for potential participants to express interest in attending. Please check it out, and spread the word to others who may be interested!

Workshop: Analysis of data from high-resolution animal-borne tags
Bio-logging studies with high-resolution movement-sensors offer opportunities to observe animal behavior in unprecedented detail, but analysis of the resulting data is often complex, and there is a need for freely available, easy-to-use, flexible software tools along with appropriate training to facilitate analysis and interpretation. This 3-day workshop introduces participants to a new open-source tool kit for processing data from tags with movement sensors (such as pressure, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope). The tool kit has Matlab, Octave, and R versions, and includes tools to read/write, calibrate, process, visualize, and carry out statistical analysis of datasets from multiple tag types. The goal of the workshop is to enable high-quality, reproducible, sophisticated analyses of tag data, while also facilitating comparison of results between studies, tag-types and computational software.

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