[MARMAM] New publication on Sympatric Globicephala species: feeding ecology and contamination status

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Dear Marmam Readers,

I am very pleased to announce the following publication:

Monteiro SS, Caurant F, López A, Cedeira J and others (2017). Sympatric
*Globicephala* species: feeding ecology and contamination status based on
stable isotopes and trace elements. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 563:233-247.


Recent legal frameworks and the limited availability of information
highlight the need to understand the ecological status and impact of
anthropogenic threats on marine populations. In this study, a multi-tracer
approach combining stable isotopes and 14 trace elements was used to infer
information concerning the feeding ecology, contamination status and
ecological segregation of 2 sympatric species of the *Globicephala* genus
which stranded off the northern and western Iberian Peninsula (NWIP): the
long-finned pilot whale *Globicephala melas* (LFPW) and the short-finned
pilot whale *Globicephala macrorhynchus* (SFPW). Additionally, the
potential influence of biological variables was investigated. Although both
species presented similar stable isotope values, there were inter-specific
differences in non-essential trace elements, with higher levels reported
for SFPW. There was evidence of the bioaccumulative behaviour of some
elements (Ag, Hg, Se, Fe, Co). Results of this study suggest that when both
SFPW and LFPW are present in the NWIP, they show similar feeding patterns
over at least a short timescale, but over a long timescale different
feeding and habitat preferences may occur. This study provides useful
information on *Globicephala*. In particular, it represents the first
report on the ecology and contamination status of SFPW in the northern
limits of their distribution range, i.e. in the NWIP.

For an early view of this paper, please visit:


If you are unable to download the article, please contact me by email and I
will be
happy to send you a copy: s.monteiro at ua.pt

Best wishes,
Silvia Monteiro
s.monteiro@ <http://www.bio.ua.pt/>ua.pt

Sociedade Portuguesa de Vida Selvagem/Portuguese Wildlife Society
University of Minho
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