[MARMAM] New publication on a Weddell seal killing a Gentoo penguin at the Antarctic Peninsula

Annette Bombosch annette.bombosch at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 11:37:31 PST 2017

Dear All,

we are pleased to announce the publication of the following short note 
in Polar Biology:

Bombosch, A. & Solovyev, B. 2017. “Weddell seal (/Leptonychotes 
weddellii)/ killing Gentoo Penguin (/Pygoscelis papua/) at Neko Harbour, 
Antarctic Peninsula”. Polar Biology. Doi:10.1007/s00300-016-2070-3

_Abstract: _
Weddell seals (/Leptonychotes weddellii/) typically prey on fish, 
cephalopods, and invertebrates. While other seal species also include 
penguins as part of their regular diet, such as leopard seals, this 
behavior seems unusual for Weddell seals. Here, we describe an 
opportunistic observation of a Weddell seal attacking and killing a 
Gentoo Penguin (/Pygoscelis papua/) at Neko Harbour, Antarctic 
Peninsula. This behavior has rarely been observed and published. Yet, we 
collected several additional anecdotal observations from various regions 
around Antarctica, indicating that this behavior might be more common 
than previously assumed, challenging our current understanding of 
Weddell seal foraging ecology.

The note is available online here:

Kind Regards
Annette Bombosch

Dr. Annette Bombosch
annette.bombosch at gmail.com

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