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Aloha colleagues,

As I noted in an earlier MARMAM post, Dr. Louis M. Herman pioneer and
trailblazer in scientific studies of dolphin cognition and humpback whale
behavioral ecology passed away August 3, 2016.  A "Memories" piece on Dr.
Herman's remarkable life and accomplishments in marine mammal science has
now been published in Marine Mammal Science.  The citation is below.  If
you would like a pdf copy of this article, please email me at
pack at hawaii.edu.  Also, in the article you will see that we are raising
funds for the "Louis M. Herman Scholarship Fund" to support student
research in marine mammal science in areas that were the focus on Dr.
Herman's work.  If you would like to help support the scholarship fund,
contributions may be made to Dr. Herman's non-profit organization, The
Dolphin Institute and sent to The Dolphin Institute, P.O. Box 6279, Hilo,
Hawaii 96720.  Thank you.

Wishing you all a very productive, peaceful, safe and happy new year.


Pack, A. A., Herman, E. Y. K., Baker, C. S., Bauer, G. B., Clapham, P. J.,
Connor, R. C., Craig, A. S., Forestell, P. H., Frankel, A. S., Notarbartolo
Di Sciara, G., Hoffmann-Kuhnt, M., Mercado III, E., Mobley, J.,
Shyan-Norwalt, M. R., Spitz, S. S., Solangi, M., Thompson, R. K. R., Von
Fersen, L., Uyeyama, R., Wells, R. & Wolz, J. P. (2017).  Memories: Louis
M. Herman (1930-2016).  *Marine Mammal Science*, *33(1)*, 389-406.

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