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Dr. Susan J. Crockford is pleased to announce a pair of short science books on polar bears available through Amazon (including Amazon US, Canada and UK).

These science books offer the information critical for understanding current issues in polar bear ecology and conservation, with one fashioned specifically with kids in mind.

Author website https://susancrockford.com/non-fiction-titles/ 

1. Polar Bears: Outstanding Survivors of Climate Change  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1541139712/ Suitable for adults and high school students

  This full-color volume contains the critical information readers need to understand polar bear ecology and conservation issues 

  without drowning in detail: the most up-to-date information available in an easy to digest format that is fully referenced. 

2. Polar Bear Facts and Myths https://www.amazon.com/dp/1541123336/   Suitable for children aged 7 and up

  This beautiful, full color summary is written in a question and answer format, in language that readers of all ages can understand 

  (age 7 and up). The book takes a sensible, big-picture approach to that many readers will appreciate and is based on the most 

  up-to-date information available.

Dr. Susan Crockford is a professional zoologist who has been a long-standing member of the Society of Marine Mammalogy. She has studied polar bear ecology and evolution for more than 20 years and writes a popular blog (almost 900,000 views since 2012) about polar bears past and present called www.polarbearscience.com. For years, readers have been asking for books (for adults and children) that offer the same rational, broad perspective on polar bear conservation and ecology as her science writing and public lectures (primarily offered through the University of Victoria’s Speakers Bureau). In Polar Bear Facts and Myths, Susan has written the kind of book about polar bears the public has been clamouring for: one that doesn’t frighten children by conflating predicted model outcomes with present, observed conditions. In Polar Bears: Outstanding Survivors of Climate Change, Susan presents the popular lecture she gives with the same name in book format (with references). Both books are short, useful summaries that draw upon the most recent scientific literature available.

Susan J. Crockford, Ph.D. (Zoology/Evolutionary Biology/Archaeozoology)
University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
email: scrock at uvic.ca

See my author website www.susancrockford.com   
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