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Claire Simeone simeonec at TMMC.org
Tue Jan 3 23:48:06 PST 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Work is currently underway for the third edition of the textbook,  'CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine'. A chapter on Stranding Response includes an appendix of marine mammal stranding networks, comprised of contact information for the primary groups responding to stranded marine mammals around the world.

While we have gathered contact information for groups in many countries, some gaps remain. I am reaching out to inquire whether you work with an organization that responds to stranded marine mammals, and whether you would like your group to be listed as a primary contact  for your country.

Additionally, if you are not directly responsible for stranding response, but are familiar with the structure in your country and can put me in touch with the relevant parties, I would be greatly appreciative. Feel free to reach out and I can tell you whether I have gathered information for your country yet.

Please provide the following information to simeonec at tmmc.org<mailto:simeonec at tmmc.org>:
-Institution type (government agency, non-governmental organization, etc.)
-Contact Phone
-Contact Fax
-Contact Email
-Species to which you respond
-Live or dead response (or both)
-Any additional relevant information

Thank you for your help for once again making the CRC Handbook a relevant and useful resource for stranding response.



Claire Simeone, DVM
Conservation Medicine Veterinarian
The Marine Mammal Center/NOAA-NMFS MMHSRP
2000 Bunker Road
Sausalito, CA 94965 USA
simeonec at tmmc.org<mailto:simeonec at tmmc.org>
Claire.Simeone at noaa.gov<mailto:Claire.Simeone at noaa.gov>

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