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Vancouver Aquarium Veterinary Externship announcement

Located in the heart of beautiful Stanley Park in Vancouver Canada, the
Vancouver Aquarium is internationally recognized as one of Canada’s
foremost centers for aquatic education, research and conservation. We have
an exciting opportunity for veterinary students to work in our Animal
Health Department.  Veterinary externs will work closely with the Vancouver
Aquarium’s veterinary staff, which includes a board-certified veterinarian,
veterinary intern, and two veterinary technicians, in the medical
management of a large captive display collection that includes marine
mammals, terrestrial mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and a large
variety of native and tropical fish.  The veterinary extern will also
assist the veterinary medical staff in providing medical management for
approximately 150 live-stranded marine mammals (mostly harbour seals) which
are cared for by the Vancouver Aquarium.

Program Description / Application Deadline

The veterinary externship program is open to students that will be in their
third or fourth year of veterinary studies at the time of their stay at the
Vancouver Aquarium.  The student is encouraged to develop and pursue a
learning objective that can be carried out at the aquarium over their stay
and include those ideas in the letter of intent.

Externships are offered from April 1 to October 15 of each year.  Students
should plan to spend two to four weeks at the Vancouver Aquarium.  Priority
for choosing time slots is according to rank during the selection process.

*Externship applications are due by March 30, ONE year prior to the planned
externship*.  For example, applications for summer 2018 externships are due
by *March 30, 2017*. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please
note these dates are subject to change.

Essential Responsibilities

*Veterinary Medicine*

Assist veterinarians and veterinary staff with monitoring cases,
participating in daily rounds, developing treatment options, and diagnostic
and surgical procedures as required.  Maintain complete patient records.
Students should be aware that the number of clinical cases requiring
hands-on care is low at a public display facility and the majority of time
is spent developing health management programs for the collection animals.
Students should be prepared to take advantage of unsupervised “down time”
to read relevant literature and to pursue learning objectives.


Each student is required to assist husbandry personnel with their duties.


Each student is required to participate in necropsies including record
keeping, data entry, sample taking and storage, and cleaning.  The student
is also invited to assist with ongoing research projects.


Duties include processing blood samples, water quality analysis, and
performing routine laboratory analyses.


Assist the Marine Mammal Rescue program with the rescue, transport and care
of stranded marine mammals as required.  The student will spend at least
one day every week at the rehabilitation facility.


Students will be responsible for doing a literature review on a veterinary
topic of their choice relevant to the Vancouver Aquarium externship
experience.  They will present their findings to the husbandry staff during
their last week in the form of a noon hour PowerPoint presentation.

Accommodation / Transportation

All candidates are expected to find their own accommodation and
transportation in Vancouver. For more information on accommodation and
maps, please find resources like the “Student Guide for Living in
Vancouver” on our intern webpage:

Public transportation in Vancouver is quite accessible. Please refer to the
weblink for more detailed information:


How to Apply

A complete application should include the following: resume, letter of
interest, and two reference letters. Your letter of interest should include
what experience you have, what you hope to gain from the placement, how you
heard about the placement and your career goals. The student is encouraged
to develop and pursue a learning objective that can be carried out at the
aquarium over their stay and include those ideas in the letter of intent.

Applications may be submitted via email using ‘Veterinary Externship
Application’ as the title to Martin.Haulena at vanaqua.org and
Barbara.Linnehan at vanaqua.org

You may also submit applications via fax (604-659-3469) or mail:

Martin Haulena, DVM, MSc, Dipl. ACZM

Head Veterinarian, Vancouver Aquarium

PO Box 3232

Vancouver, British Columbia   V6B 3X8


Students will be notified of their acceptance into the program by June 30th,
one year prior to the planned externship. Good luck to all our applicants.

*Thank you for your interest in the Vancouver Aquarium’s externship

Martin Haulena, DVM, MSc, Dipl. ACZM                         Barbara
Linnehan, DVM

Head Veterinarian
Veterinary Fellow

Martin.Haulena at vanaqua.org
Barbara.Linnehan at vanaqua.org
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