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¡VIVAVaquita! (a non-profit organization) is seeking marinemammal books, reprints, monographs, and journals.  Literature can be donated or we can purchasesets of books, reprints, and journals. We compile and then make the literature available to colleagues workingon marine mammals, getting it into hands where it will be actively used, and inthe process help to raise funds for research and conservation work on thevaquita (Phocoena sinus), the World’smost endangered marine mammal species. Donations are tax-deductible, and we maybe able to arrange pick-up of large libraries (and possibly even to providesome payment for more valuable items). We are interested in issues of Marine Mammal Science only from vol. 27 (2011)onwards.
As you may haveheard, the global population of this species now numbers less than 50individuals and is decling at > 30%/year. We are currently collecting literature as part of our efforts to helpfund our education and public awareness work, in a last-ditch effort to avoidthe extinction of this species in the next couple of years!  Visit our website at www.vivavaquita.orgfor more details.  If you have any marinemammal literature you would be interested in donating or ‘selling’ to us,please contact Tom Jefferson at  sclymene at aol.com.
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