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Dear Colleagues,

An updated list of global marine mammal stranding organizations has been compiled as part of the third edition of the CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine (available later this year). As this is a living document and a continuously evolving network, we have also placed the list on a webpage for reference:


The structure of stranding response networks varies by country and region. Typically, permits are required to handle marine mammals, and oversight for response activities granted by a government agency.

In this list, government agencies are the primary listings. Other organizations are listed in alphabetical order, unless otherwise requested by that country. The authors recommend contacting the government agency on the list for additional information on the legal status of marine mammals in your country.

To request changes to these listings, or to add a new stranding organization, please contact Dr. Claire Simeone at simeonec at tmmc.org<mailto:simeonec at tmmc.org>.

Our sincere thanks to all responders working tirelessly to save stranded marine mammals worldwide.


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