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I have a collection of *marine mammal (mostly cetacean) books* that I am
selling, most of them for about 75% of the lowest cost found on several
online book sites. These books mainly deal with marine mammal biology and
whaling history. The catalogue is an Excel spreadsheet with several tabs.
If you would like a copy of the catalogue (.zip file) you can send me a
request at: jmb.mmbks at gmail.com. I will only charge the Post Office media
shipping rate for the books (plus shipping package).

There are about 590 books listed: 524 under the tab 'Main List' and 65
under the tab 'To_Bookstore' (these go for $1 each). 72 of the 'Main List'
books and 34 of the 'To_Bookstore' books have been sold. There is also a
tab labelled 'Japanese'; I have taken photos of the books so if you read
Japanese you can get an idea what the book is about. There is a tab
labelled 'IWC' which contains Annual Reports (Scientific Committee) of the
International Whaling Commission from 1950-1998 (old series - hardbound)
and 1999-2012 (new series - softbound). There are also JCRM (Journal of
Cetacean Research and Management) issues: 1999-1012. I have not set a price
for the IWC publications but if you are interested we can work something
out. In addition, there is a separate file, jmb.mags.docx, that has about
75 magazine/journal issues on marine mammals for sale. The zip file
contains a Read Me doc that explains the catalogue.

Below is a sample of some of the books for sale.


   Allen, J. A. [1881] 1977 Preliminary list of works and papers relating
   to Mammalian Orders Cete and Sirenia (1495 - 1840). Bulletin of the U.S.
   Geological Geographical Survey of the Territories. Vol. VI, No. 3.
   Washington, D.C. U.S. Geological ographical Survey of the Territories.
   Pp. 399‑562 + index. reprint by A.D. Lilly, 1977 {VG, $4.00}

   Beddington, J. R.; R. J. H. Beverton; D. M. Lavigne (eds.). 1985. Marine
   Mammals and Fisheries. George Allen & Unwin, London. Pp. [i]-xxi + 1-354
   {VG, $10}

   Burns, John J.; J. Jerome Montague; Cleveland J. Cowles (eds.). 1993.
   The Bowhead Whale. Spec. Publ. No.2. The Society for Marine Mammalogy,
   Lawrence, KS. Pp. [i]-xxxvi + 1-787 {VG, $22}.

   Heazle, Michael. 2006. Scientific Uncertainty and the Politics of
   Whaling. Univ. Washington Press, Seattle and London. Pp. [i]-[xii] + [1] -
   260 {VG+dust jacket, $8.50}

   Jones, M. L.; S. L. Swartz; S. Leatherwood (eds.). 1984. The Gray Whale.
   *Eschrichtius* *robustus*. Academic Press, Inc., New York. Pp. [i]-xxiv
   + [1]-600 [online: pbk=$75; hdbk > $400] {VG, $65.00}

   Schevill, W. E. (ed.). 1974. The Whale Problem: A Status Report. Harvard
   University Press, Cambridge, MA. Pp. [i]-x + [1]-419 {VG, $4.00}

   Tomilin, A. G. 1967. Mammals of the U.S.S.R. and Ajacent Regions. Vol.
   IX. Cetacea. Moscow (Israel Program for Scientific Transl. Ltd, Jerusalem).
   Academy of Science USSR. Pp. xxi + [1] + 1-717 {VG+jacket, $34.00}

Thank you.

Jeff Breiwick
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