[MARMAM] New hydrophone array on sale

Manolo Castellote mcastellote at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 9 09:17:50 PDT 2017

New hydrophone array system ordered from Cetacean Research Technology (CRT, Seattle, WA, USA) for a non-profit project in the Arctic, but project postponed and order was not delivered.  System includes 50m Kevlar-reinforced, polyurethane-jacketed cable, one C56 inline hydrophone, and one 1m  polyurethane-jacketed adapter cable, with Kevlar fibers, to connect a terminating hydrophone if a second channel is needed. The system could be used immediately as a robust single channel, stationary or towed  hydrophone. The C56 hydrophone has useable frequency response of 9Hz to 100kHz and a sensitivity of -168dB re 1V/µPa.  Array was never delivered and is in the possession of CRT which can work with a buyer in modifying the system to their needs.  The equipment has a list price of $5,800; willing to sell for $4,500.
Please contact Rob Pratt at rpratt at iiec.org for inquiries.
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