[MARMAM] American Cetacean Society - San Francisco Bay Chapter is taking Application Proposals for its 2017 RESEARCH Grants

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                          American Cetacean Society - San Francisco Bay Chapter                     is taking ApplicationProposals for its 2017 RESEARCH Grants
  Dear colleagues, The American Cetacean Society-San Francisco Bay Chapter ( ACS-SFBay ) would like to encourage students to apply for our upcoming 2017 StudentResearch Grants.
This is a Reminder the Application Deadline is Friday September 29, 2017. Grant announcement date is Monday October 16, 2017  ACS - SF BAY Guidelines for Student Research Grant:The San Francisco Bay American CetaceanSociety chapter Grants-in-Aid of Research fund offerssmall research grants for direct costs of scientific, field-based projects focusingon cetaceans. The Society invites proposals from all cetacean-relateddisciplines, including the social sciences, which focus on cetaceansand/or their habitats. SF Bay ACS chapter particularlywelcomes applications from early-career researchers such as graduatestudents and researchers with less than 10 years’ post-doctoralexperience, and researchers whose work focuses on cetaceans on theWest Coast of North American, with emphasis in the Bay Area.
The SF Bay American Cetacean Society chapter has a long-standing commitment toproviding young scientists with ‘seed money’ for research projectsin cetacean-related disciplines. Currently, SF Bay ACS chapter grant awardsrange from $100 to $1,000; the Society highly encourages funds to be usedin a ‘match’ program to maximize funding potential.
Funding is available to applicants who are themselves active(dues-paying) SF Bay ACS chapter members. SF Bay ACS chapter funds are intendedto strengthen conservation efforts through applied field-based researchand opportunities outside of the laboratory.  Funds may not be usedfor salaries, stipends, honoraria, or other compensatory expenses.
The National American Cetacean Society and other chapters of ACS alsoparticipate in grant-making initiatives and will also submit Request ForProposals (RFPs) coincident with their funding cycles.  Forinformation about specific chapters and their grant-making programs,please visit the Chapter page of the National American CetaceanSociety website: www. acsonline.org.
Proposals should include:
1.  Application cover sheet, with title of proposal, fieldresearch group, contact information (email, phone and departmentalcontacts) for the faculty lead or principle investigator (PI), second PI(if applicable) and any proposed graduate student participant list (withcontact information). 2.  A brief narrative (1-2 pages, single-spaced) describingthe research program, overall purpose, specific research objectives/questions,study timeline and benchmarks, significance of the research in advancingour understanding the biology and conservation of cetaceans and/ortheir habitats, and how the research can or does advance conservationefforts aimed at a particular taxa, species, or habitat. 3.  An itemized, one-year budget, including estimated costsfor supplies, equipment, travel, etc. Costs should be kept reasonable. Abudget justification should be included.  Budget should not exceedrequested funding amount; however, details of additional funding sourcessupporting the research and how those funds will be used are helpful inevaluating applications.

4.  Curriculum Vitae (CV) for each principle investigator. The application deadline for the 2017 San FranciscoBay American Cetacean Society chapter Small Grants-in-Aid of ResearchProgram is Friday, September 29th 2017, and will coverproposed field work to be undertaken through winter of 2018. Funding islimited and proposals will be peer-reviewed for scientificrigor, conservation benefit and cost effectiveness.
Awards will be announced on Monday, October 16, 2017 
4a.   In order to apply for a research grant one must be a current ACS-San Francisco Bay chapter member at the time of submission. Application for membership to ACS-SF Bay may be completed by contacting:  Anne-Marie Batchelor-Rivers: acs.sfbay.ambrivers at gmail.com Applications should be sent by email to Lynette R.Koftinow:  acs.sfbay at gmail.comSan Francisco Bay American Cetacean Society chapterQuestions regarding the program may also be directed toher. Respectfully,
Lynette R. Koftinow
American Cetacean SocietySan Francisco Bay Chapter

acs.sfbay at gmail.com

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