[MARMAM] Cetacean Behavior Toward The Dead and Dying

Giovanni Bearzi giovanni.bearzi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 01:24:59 PDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

the short chapter below, published today, is an overview of how cetaceans
relate to death.

Bearzi G., Eddy L., Piwetz S., Reggente M.A.L., Cozzi B. 2017. Cetacean
behavior toward the dead and dying. Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and
Behavior (J. Vonk and T.K. Shackelford, eds.). Springer International
Publishing. DOI 1007/978-3-319-47829-6_2023-1.

In case you have trouble accessing the file online, please send me a
request and I shall send you a pdf copy of our work.

I would welcome any comment and suggestion. Please note that the
encyclopedia allowed a maximum of 30 references, which is why so many good
articles have not been cited.

Giovanni Bearzi

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Giovanni Bearzi, PhD
President, Dolphin Biology and Conservation

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