[MARMAM] New publication on Brydes whales habitat use off Southeastern Brazil

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Thu Aug 3 08:27:00 PDT 2017

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce our new publication on Marine Ecology Progress
Series entitled: "Modeling habitat use by Bryde's whale, *Balaenoptera
edeni*, off Southeastern Brazil.
Rodrigo H. Tardin, Yongwan Chun, Sheila M. Simão, Maria Alice S. Alves

ABSTRACT: Habitat-use models are a powerful tool for improving our
understanding of the relationships between animals and their environment.
With the development of GIS, these models have been used increasingly for
the analysis of ecological data. However, they often suffer from
inappropriate model specifications, particularly the assumption of
independence, which is essential in conventional statistical models, and
may often be violated during the collection of spatial data. Spatial
autocorrelation occurs when the values of variables sampled close to each
other are not independent, representing a major problem that must be
accounted for systematically. We used a spatial eigenvector (SEV)
generalized linear model framework to investigate the distribution of
edeni* off Cabo Frio, in southeastern Brazil, an upwelling area impacted by
human activities (tourism and fisheries). Sighting data were collected
during 94 boat trips conducted between December 2010 and November 2014. A
quasi-Poisson model using SEV indicated that the use of habitat by the
whales varied with depth and the distance from the coast, and predicted
that whales would be found most frequently around Cabo Frio Island and
along the coastline, apparently overlapping with their prey. We found that
habitat use was better predicted with the inclusion of SEV and that it is
also possible to produce predictions of habitat use by correcting for
spatial autocorrelation without the use of expensive surveys conducted by
specialized research ships. This study provides useful insights into the
habitat use of B. edeni the southwestern Atlantic Ocean, and represents an
important contribution to the conservation of this data-deficient species.

The publication can be found on:

Or it can be requested directly to me:
rhtardin at gmail.com

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