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Kia Ora MARMAMers

Brooke and I are pleased to announce the publication of our paper on swim-with-dolphins tours in Kaikoura, NZ:

Lück, M. & Porter, B.A. (2017). Experiences on swim-with-dolphins tours: an importance-performance analysis of dolphin tour participants in Kaikoura, New Zealand. Journal of Ecotourism. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14724049.2017.1353609


With increasing understanding of the complex concept of tourism satisfaction, a tool investigating the importance of, and satisfaction with, a number of tour components was developed in the 1970s: the importance–performance analysis. This study surveyed participants on swim-with-wild-dolphins tours in Kaikoura, New Zealand to investigate how they viewed the importance of and their satisfaction with a variety of content features on these tours. Questionnaires distributed after the tour experience included both closed-ended questions in Likert-scale format, as well as open-ended questions. Results show that tourists on swim-with-dolphins tours in New Zealand displayed high satisfaction rates, but also revealed some areas that can be improved. Themes identified as desired interpretive components, such as education about the threats to dolphins and the wider marine environment, and how tour participants can help to protect the marine environment, were also previously found in the literature as desired content, and represent the main areas recommended for improvement.

Please find the full article here (the first 50 downloads are free):


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