[MARMAM] SCHOLARSHIPS - looking for experienced cetaceans and marine turtles researchers (PhD, Master and Degree levels) for project Mistic Seas II - MADEIRA Archipelago - PORTUGAL

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Thu Apr 27 12:52:49 PDT 2017

Dear Colleagues,


In the context of Project MISTIC SEAS II, OOM-ARDITI (Madeira Oceanic
Observatory / Madeira Research, Tecnology and Development Agency) has
announced the following scholarships:


A.	One researcher (level PhD) with experience in line-transect distance
sampling surveys (preferably MRDS – Mark-Recapture Distance Sampling) of
cetacean and/or sea turtles’. The successful candidate should have field
experience in carrying out and/or coordinating surveys, in organising,
validating and processing data and finally in analysis of data to estimate
abundances and generate surface density distribution maps, with General
Addictive Models (GAMs), using Distance software and/or R specific package
software. The selected applicants will temporarily integrate the Madeira
Whale Museum team (partner of OOM - Madeira Oceanic Observatory), with
decades of experience in the study of cetaceans in Madeira archipelago. For
further information -


B.	Four cetaceans and sea turtles’ observers (level graduate students),
with knowledge and experience in visual detection and data collection of the
above-mentioned species, preferably with experience in distance sampling
line transect surveys. For further information -


C.	One cetacean photo-id researcher (Master degree), with knowledge and
experience in photo-identification of small delphinidae, preferably of
bottlenose dolphin and/or short-finned pilot whales, to carry out a
photo-identification study to estimate abundance of these species using
Capture-Mark-Recapture (CMR) methods following the Robust design. For
further information -


D.	One marine turtle’s researcher (level graduate students), preferably
with knowledge and experience in locating, identifying and capturing marine
turtles at sea. This person should also have knowledge and experience in
carrying out biological sampling of turtles at sea and in the laboratory.
For further information -


The deadline for the submission of applications for the scholarships is the
19th May 2017. For further information on each scholarship please follow the
links provided above.


The selected applicants that working with cetaceans (A,B,C) will integrate
temporarily the Madeira Whale Museum scientific team (partner of OOM -
Madeira Oceanic Observatory), while the marine turtle’s researcher (D) will
temporarily integrate the University of Madeira (partner of the OOM -
Madeira Oceanic Observatory). Both Institutions have decades of experience
in research studies in Madeira archipelago in their respective fields of
expertise. The work will be carried out in Madeira archipelago, Portugal.


“MISTIC SEAS II – Applying a subregional coherent and coordinated approach
to the monitoring and assessment of marine biodiversity in Macaronesia for
the second cycle of the MSFD“, is a project financed by the DG ENV, European
Commission (No. 11.0661/2017/750679/SUB/ENV.C2). The project aims at
implementing the common monitoring programs designed in MISTIC SEAS project
and reinforce regionally coherent, coordinated and consistent updates to the
determination of GES, as well as to prepare the next steps of the 2nd cycle
of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive - MSFD (2008/56/EC).


Kind Regards,


Luís Freitas


Biólogo Marinho - Marine Biologist

Coordenador da Unidade de Ciência - Head of the Science Unit

Museu da Baleia - Madeira Whale Museum

Rua Garcia Moniz Nº.1, 9200-031 Caniçal, Madeira, Portugal.

T: 00 351 291 961 858 | F: 00 351 291 961 859

 <http://www.museudabaleia.org/> www.museudabaleia.org 




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