[MARMAM] Alaska Marine Mammal Job Posting

Jon Kurland - NOAA Federal jon.kurland at noaa.gov
Mon Apr 24 10:44:52 PDT 2017

The National Marine Fisheries Service's Protected Resources Division seeks
a motivated individual with experience working with Alaskan subsistence
hunters and Alaska Native Tribal members to assist in the management of
northern fur seals and other marine mammals.

This position is a Marine Mammal Specialist, ZP-0401-2 (equivalent to
GS-7/9), with an annual salary of $44,952 to $78,721 depending upon
experience.  The job will be located in Anchorage and will require frequent
travel to the Pribilof Islands.

Duties will include:
- Subsistence harvest monitoring
- Implementation of conservation and recovery programs for marine mammals
- Marine mammal stranding and entanglement response
- Marine mammal co-management with Alaska Native organizations

Applicant qualifications:  Applicants must have a degree in the biological
sciences, natural resource management, chemistry, or related disciplines
appropriate to the position, or a combination of education and experience
(courses equivalent to a major in a related field plus appropriate
experience or additional education), AND specialized experience:
- Working with Alaskan subsistence hunters and Alaska Native Tribal members
- Collaborating or working on teams to complete tasks related to natural
resource management
- Applying laws and/or regulations related to natural resource management
- Working independently and identifying ways to benefit a work unit's goals

Please look for the posting at www.usajobs.gov on our about April 27.  I
think you'll be able to search using one of the following announcement
NMFS-AKR-2017-0013 (current or former federal civilian employees who hold
or held non-temporary appointments in the competitive service)
NMFS-AKR-2017-0014 (any US citizen)

If you don't find the posting using the numbers above, or if you have other
questions, contact Greg Balogh at greg.balogh at noaa.gov or 907-271-3023.

Please forward this email to others who may be interested.  Thanks!

Jon Kurland
Assistant Regional Administrator for Protected Resources
NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Region
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