[MARMAM] Job Opening for MMO/PAM operator

Barkaszi, Mary Jo MBarkaszi at conshelf.com
Thu Apr 20 04:57:55 PDT 2017

Job opening for experienced MMO/PAM Operator.  Must have at least 2 years offshore experience including work from semisubs and on VSPs.  Must be willing and able to work in Israel.  Must be available for rapid deployment from May to July 2017.   Job provides excellent compensation commiserate for a professional MMO/PAM operator including full day rates for all travel and standby, per diem policy, and all expenses covered.  Rates and job information will be provided upon submission of the following: 1) Resume 2) Copy of passport with a full list of countries traveled 3) All training and medical certificates.   Submit to: Teresa Bohuszewicz tbohuszewicz at marineventures.com<mailto:tbohuszewicz at marineventures.com>

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