[MARMAM] New publication on Metabolic Costs of Flight Responses in Odontocetes

Terrie Williams tmwillia at ucsc.edu
Mon Apr 3 23:40:38 PDT 2017

Dear MarMam Readers,

My colleagues and I are pleased to share our new publication in the 
Journal of Experimental Biology,

"Swimming and Diving Energetics in Dolphins: A stroke-by-stroke analysis 
for predicting the cost of flight responses in wild odontocetes." Terrie 
M. Williams et al., Journal of Experimental Biology 220, 1135-1145, 
doi:10.1242/jeb.154245 (2017).

In this collaborative study involving researchers from academia, 
aquariums, and the field we use a lab-to-field approach to understand 
the metabolic challenges of diving and swimming in 
odontocetes.Measurements of active metabolic rates of bottlenose 
dolphins are compared to large and small odontocetes to create 
allometric regressions that allow investigators to translate 
accelerometer recordings of stroke frequency from dolphins and whales 
into energetic costs.This technique is tested on published data for 
beaked whales exposed to experimental sonar, and demonstrates the 
physiological impact of oceanic noise on this species with ensuing 
conservation implications.

For more information and the pdf of this paper contact 
williams at biology.ucsc.edu.

Best Regards,

Terrie M. Williams

Center for Ocean Health, UCSC

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