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Dear MARMAM Readers

My co-authors and I are pleased to announce the following
recent publication in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America:

*Giorli, G., Neuheimer, A., Copeland, A. and Au, W.W., 2016. Temporal and
spatial variation of beaked and sperm whales foraging activity in Hawai'i,
as determined with passive acoustics. The Journal of the Acoustical Society
of America, 140(4), pp.2333-2343.*


Beaked and sperm whales are top predators living in the waters off the Kona
coast of Hawai’i. Temporal and spatial analyses of the foraging activity of
these two species were studied with passive acoustics techniques. Three
passive acoustics recorders moored to the ocean floor were used to monitor
the foraging activity of these whales in three locations along the Kona
coast of the island of Hawaii. Data were analyzed using automatic
detector/classification systems: M3R (Marine Mammal Monitoring on Navy
Ranges), and custom-designed MATLAB programs. The temporal variation in
foraging activity was species-specific: beaked whales foraged more at night
in the north, and more during the day-time off Kailua-Kona. No
day-time/night-time preference was found in the southern end of the
sampling range. Sperm whales foraged mainly at night in the north, but no
day-time/night-time preference was observed off Kailua-Kona and in the
south. A Generalized Linear Model was then applied to assess whether
location and chlorophyll concentration affected the foraging activity of
each species. Chlorophyll concentration and location influenced the
foraging activity of both these species of deep-diving odontocetes.

Here is a link to the paper: http://scitation.aip.org/conte

This paper is the last of a series of publication that aims at describing
the foraging activity of deep diving odontocetes in different ocean basins
/environments. The other publication are:

*Giorli, G., Neuheimer, A., & Au, W. (2016). Spatial variation of deep
diving odontocetes’ occurrence around a canyon region in the Ligurian Sea
as measured with acoustic techniques. Deep Sea Research Part I:
Oceanographic Research Papers, 116, 88-93.Giacomo Giorli, Whitlow W. L. Au,
Anna Neuheimer, (2016). Differences in the foraging strategy of deep diving
odontocetes in the Ligurian Sea determined by passive acoustic recorders.
Deep sea Research Part I, 107, 1-8. Giacomo Giorli, Whitlow W. L. Au, Helen
Ou, Susan Jarvis, Ronald Morrissey, David Moretti, (2015). Acoustic
detection of biosonar activity of deep diving Odontocetes at Josephine
Seamount High Seas Marine Protected Area. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 137,
2495.Whitlow W. L. Au, Giacomo Giorli, Jessica Chen, Adrienne Copeland,
Marc Lammers, Michael Richlen, Susan Jarvis, Ronald Morressey, David
Moretti, Holger Klinck.(2013) Nighttime Foraging by Deep Diving
Echolocating Odontocetes off the Hawaiian Islands of Kauai and Ni’iahu as
Determined by Passive Acoustic Monitors. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. Volume 133,
Issue 5, pp. 3119-3127.*

Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries or requests

Best Regards,
Giacomo Giorli, Ph.D
Univeristy of Hawaii at Manoa
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Marine Mammal Research Program
P.O. Box 1346, Kaneohe, 96744
giacomog at hawaii.edu
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