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Stephanie Barnicoat s.barnicoat at seiche.com
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Seiche Training would like to announce two courses (Please note dates have changed for the Acoustic Modelling course)

Plymouth University Marine Institute is hosting a Underwater Acoustic Modelling course which will equip delegates with a thorough knowledge of underwater acoustic modelling on the 8th and 9th December.
The course is delivered by leading research professors and experts in their field, including Professor Georgy Shapiro, Dr Feng Chen and Dr Paul Lepper.
The course is aimed at regulators, environmental consultants, researchers and policy/ environmental professionals within the industry. The course introduces all the key concepts and opens up a learning pathway to those wishing to conduct modelling themselves in the future. It is well suited to those who require deeper understanding of technical reports.

Course modules

  *   Introduction to underwater sound
  *   Modelling processes and capabilities
  *   The physics of sound propagation and assessment metrics
  *   Types of models available
  *   Criteria for assessing impacts upon marine life and mitigation zone determination
  *   Field measurement and sound source verification
  *   Application to EIAs
  *   Interpretation of results / best practice / standards / metrics
  *   Properties of sea water: temperature, salinity and sound speed
  *   Oceanic features influencing sound propagation and their variability: thermocline, fronts and eddies
  *   Visualisation tools to identify ocean thermocline, fronts and eddies
  *   Seasonal variation in sound propagation
  *   Modelling shipping noise experienced by marine life


For more information on the course, please email s.hancock at seichetraining.com<mailto:s.hancock at seichetraining.com>
Deadline for registration 15th October

Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Level 1 course 9th to 11th November, 3 day course to become a qualified offshore PAM operator, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Any inquires please contact s.hancock at seichetraining.com<mailto:s.hancock at seichetraining.com>

Stephanie Barnicoat
Bioscience Group

Tel no: 01409 404050


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