[MARMAM] FW: MSc and PhD Course offering in Biotelemetry

Kit Kovacs kit.kovacs at npolar.no
Sat Oct 8 11:26:00 PDT 2016

Spring 2017 (03 April - 08 may) an MSc and PhD (several additional work elements for PhDs)  course offering in Biotelemetry and Biologging will be held at UNIS in Svalbard. This course is taught at the High Arctic Campus in Longyearbyen with field elements in the surrounding area (Isfjorden, Templefjorden etc.). The course will start with Arctic safety training. Academic topics in the course will include the following.

1)      Basic principles for radio signal transmission & antenna theory

2)      Telemetric technology, regulations and management of frequencies

3)      Ethics (animal welfare) in biotelemetry/biologging

4)      Introduction to VHF-based telemetry andGPS-positioning systems in biotelemetry -transmitters applications and limitations

5)      Telemetry & biologging equipment - a manufacturers perspective

6)      User "issues" - another manufacturer's perspective - trouble shooting

7)      Maps, mapping and GPS technology - Practical applications

8)      Acoustic telemetry - Methods & Science questions

9)      Range size, habitat use etc. (Storage, and retrieval of data and the integration of animal tracks and terrestrial environmental data)

10)  An introduction to GIS tools

11)  Design considerations/limitations in marine mammal biotelemetry

12)  Biotelemetry and biologging with Svalbard's marine mammals - case studies

13)  Linking marine mammal telemetry & the environment - MAMVIS & statistical tools

14)  Remote methods in sea bird research - transponders, photographic systems & tracking case studies

15)  Fish tracking

16)  Physiological telemetry -applications and potential

17)  Looking into the future....

Marine mammals will be featured heavily - though not exclusively - in this course offering. For applications details see below (late applicants are very unlikely to get placements).

Applications due 15 October (Norwegian time).

Prof. Kit M. Kovacs
Course co-ordinator

UNIS offers internationally recognized research- and field-based education in Arctic sciences,  and provide students with modern research infrastructure.
Student evaluations indicate that students rate their UNIS experience as "awesome".

The application deadline is October 15 2016, and you will find information on how to apply here<http://www.unis.no/studies/regulations-and-routines/how-to-apply/>
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the student advisors at UNIS directly: study at unis.no<mailto:study at unis.no>

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