[MARMAM] Sei and Bryde's whale image request

Caroline Weir SWPO at conservation.org.fk
Tue Nov 29 05:00:53 PST 2016

Dear MARMAM community,

We are looking for good-quality images of the dorsal fins of Bryde's and sei whales (and other similar Balaenopterids) for inclusion in a study that will aim to determine whether there are inherent differences between the two species' dorsal fins (or other features) that will assist in reliable field-based identification. Confusion between Bryde's and sei whales occurred in whaling records and continues to persist today amongst many observers working in geographic areas where both species could potentially occur concurrently.

Good-quality images will mean photographs taken while perpendicular to the animal and at sufficiently low eye height and proximity to the animal for the dorsal fin profile (i.e. shape, height) to be suitable for comparative purposes. We would also welcome photographs showing the bodies of surfacing individuals (i.e. perpendicular body shots that show the blowhole, flank and/or dorsal fin).

We are looking for a selection of images acquired from different geographic areas worldwide. We will only be able to use images in which the species identification has been confirmed by the photographer (i.e. where key features such as rostral ridges were viewed at close range).

Please limit the number of images per individual whale to no more than five. We would be glad to receive images relating to a single individual or multiple images comprising many different individuals, but please specify in the file/folder name whether images relate to the same or different animals.

Please submit your images by 31 December 2016 to the following email address: brydeswhaleproject at gmail.com
All contributors will be fully acknowledged.

We look forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards
Caroline Weir and Gwenith Penry

Caroline Weir
Sei Whale Project Officer
Falklands Conservation

PO Box 26, Stanley,
Falkland Islands. FIQQ 1ZZ

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