[MARMAM] Application Deadline - Rehabilitation and Rescue Internship - California

Jeff Hall jeff at cawildlife.org
Wed Nov 16 11:09:30 PST 2016

The deadline for applications to California Wildlife Center's Marine Mammal Response and Rehabilitation Internship quickly approaches.  Applications are currently being accepted for Sessions I and II.  Application deadline is December 1st, 2016.

Program Description:

The California Wildlife Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured, orphaned and sick native wildlife.  CWC fulfills this mission through marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, and treatment of avian and terrestrial wildlife in our rehabilitation hospital.   This internship will provide an exciting and challenging educational experience in the marine mammal field, while also allowing for additional hands-on experience with other native California wildlife.  The interns will be working closely with the Marine Mammal program staff in all aspects of stranding response and rehabilitation, including logistics, assessment, capture/restraint, transportation, husbandry, and public relations.   In addition, interns will provide support to CWC Hospital staff in animal husbandry tasks for avian and terrestrial wildlife.

Intern Responsibilities:
-Assess stranded marine mammals
-Coordinate and lead responder team in the capture and handling of stranded marine mammals needing medical attention
-Coordinate transport of stranded marine mammals to the rehabilitation facility
-Completion of NMFS Level A data sheets.  Maintain detailed database records of Malibu strandings, including reports of stranding, human interaction issues, etc.
-Assist with marine mammal necropsy and sample collection
-Assist in daily husbandry tasks of marine mammals admitted to the on-site rehabilitation facility
-Work closely with Marine Department staff to provide patient-specific rehabilitative care
-Maintain good rapport with representatives of various public agencies

For complete details and application instructions please visit our website at www.cawildlife.org.



Marine Program Manager

California Wildlife Center

P.O. Box 2022

Malibu CA 90265




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