[MARMAM] new publication: passive acoustic monitoring of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins in Hong Kong

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Lisa Munger, Marc O. Lammers, Mattie Cifuentes, Bernd Würsig ,Thomas A.
Jefferson and Samuel K. Hung. 2016. “Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin
occurrence north of Lantau Island, Hong Kong, based on year-round passive
acoustic monitoring.” The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Vol.140 (4): 2754-2765.

Long-term passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) was conducted to study
Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, *Sousa chinensis*, as part of environmental
impact assessments for several major coastal development projects in Hong
Kong waters north of Lantau Island. Ecological acoustic recorders obtained
2711 days of recording at 13 sites from December 2012 to December 2014.
Humpback dolphin sounds were manually detected on more than half of days
with recordings at 12 sites, 8 of which were within proposed reclamation
areas. Dolphin detection rates were greatest at Lung Kwu Chau, with other
high-occurrence locations northeast of the Hong Kong International Airport
and within the Lung Kwu Tan and Siu Ho Wan regions. Dolphin detection rates
were greatest in summer and autumn (June–November) and were significantly
reduced in spring (March–May) compared to other times of year. Click
detection rates were significantly higher at night than during daylight
hours. These findings suggest high use of many of the proposed
reclamation/development areas by humpback dolphins, particularly at night,
and demonstrate the value of long-term PAM for documenting spatial and
temporal patterns in dolphin occurrence to help inform management
decisions. © 2016 Acoustical Society of America. [

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Lisa Munger
Oceanwide Science Institute
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