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Kim Goetz Kim.Goetz at niwa.co.nz
Tue Nov 1 21:36:17 PDT 2016

Marine Mammal Acoustician - NIWA
NIWA is New Zealand's leading natural resources and environmental science services provider, specialising in atmospheric, freshwater and marine research.
The Marine Ecology group at NIWA is seeking an experienced Marine Mammal Acoustician to conduct research on marine mammal vocalizations in the context of the overall ambient soundscape. You will take a lead role in an existing project to (1) address knowledge gaps about spatial and temporal distributions, habitat use, calling behaviour, and migration paths of marine mammal species and (2) quantify the ambient soundscape in New Zealand's Cook Strait, with the overarching aim of providing the knowledge required to monitor and assess potential anthropogenic impacts to ensure sustainable resource use. You will be responsible for expanding this project, developing new projects in New Zealand, the Sub-Antarctic Islands and Antarctica, as well as writing proposals focused around passive acoustic detection of cetacean species. Multi-disciplinary research is encouraged. In addition, you will provide policy advice and expert opinion to central and local government agencies about potential impacts of equipment used for science investigations on marine mammals.
You will have a PhD degree and substantial experience in the field of bioacoustics, specifically in quantifying marine mammal vocalizations in the context of marine soundscapes. A breadth of knowledge in the field of passive acoustics is essential. You will have experience applying underwater acoustic signal processing tools to analyse acoustic datasets sampled at a variety of sample rates and duty-cycles and a proven track record showing your ability to conduct independent research, produce high quality scientific papers and make oral research presentations to a range of audiences. You will work in a team environment, with specialists in other disciplines, as well as liaise with industry and stakeholders.
Please click on the following link for more information:
Job closes November 17, 2016

Dr Kim Goetz
Marine Ecologist

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