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Hi All,

I want to make folks aware of an unusual op-ed on shipping noise, which was published in Sunday's edition of the Richmond (Va.) Times-Courier.  The op-ed was co-authored by myself and William Parker III, a former Commodore in the U.S. Navy and now COO of the EastWest Institute, urging the Navy to help quiet commercial ships for the sake of both national security and the environment.  Many of the same points we make in the op-ed would apply to other navies as well.

Please let me know offline if you'd like an electronic copy of the print version (which looks much nicer), or you can read the op-ed on the Times-Dispatch website: http://www.richmond.com/opinion/their-opinion/guest-columnists/article_02f6a5cb-a413-5915-879d-c99353d0bdf3.html.


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