[MARMAM] Announcement of availability of skeletal remains collected from stranded marine mammals within the Gulf of Mexico

DWHMammal Samples - NOAA Service Account dwhmammalsamples at noaa.gov
Thu May 26 11:55:05 PDT 2016

*Announcement of availability of skeletal remains collected from stranded
marine mammals within the Gulf of Mexico *

During and after the *Deepwater Horizon *oil spill, numerous biological
samples were collected from stranded cetaceans found in the northern Gulf
of Mexico.  With a court approved settlement for natural resource damages
caused by the oil spill now in place, NOAA intends to make samples from
this collection available to the scientific community.  The current
announcement is only for certain skeletal remains/carcasses (frozen, tissue
attached, not cleaned) from cetaceans other than bottlenose dolphins.
Future announcements will be made in the late summer/early fall regarding
available tissue (non-skeletal) samples.

Organizations interested in obtaining skeletal remains for research or
education purposes (per 50 CFR 216.22 and/or 216.37) should complete the
attached sample request form and return it by June 10, 2016 to
*DWHmammalsamples at noaa.gov
<DWHmammalsamples at noaa.gov>*.  Requests received in a different format or
after this date may not be able to be processed. Available skeletal remains
are from strandings that occurred from 2010 to 2016 in the Panhandle of
Florida or Alabama.  A list of species expected to be available can be
found below.  Availability will depend on logistical considerations and
operational limitations at the storage facility.

Additional information:

Most carcasses are moderately to severely decomposed and have been
completely dissected for examination (at times including destruction of the
skull for evaluation of the nervous system).  Skeletal remains can only be
distributed to researchers within the United States. Requesters must have
or be in the process of applying for authorization to receive marine mammal
parts under 50 CFR 216.22 or 216.37 (e.g., parts authorization letter,
marine mammal permit, stranding agreement). Requesters would ideally come
to Louisiana or Mississippi (location TBD) at the end of July to pick up
the requested skeletal remains and/or will be required to provide
appropriate shipping boxes and cover all costs for transportation fees.

Species with skeletal remains/carcasses expected to be available:

*Feresa attenuata*

*Globicephala macrorhynchus*

*Grampus griseus*

*Kogia breviceps*

*Kogia sp. *

*Mesoplodon densirostris*

*Peponocephala electra*

*Stenella attenuata*

*Stenella clymene*

*Stenella frontalis*

*Stenella longirostris*

*Stenella sp.*

*Steno bredanensis*
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