[MARMAM] Underwater Acoustic Webinar Reminders

Holly Morin holly_morin at uri.edu
Mon May 9 09:45:17 PDT 2016

To meet the expressed needs of the the international regulatory
community,  the *Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS)*
<http://www.dosits.org/> Team is facilitating a *free*, *five-part
webinar series on
topics related to underwater sound.*

An archived version of the 3rd webinar in this series, which covered the
potential effects of sound on marine mammals, is available for viewing
through the DOSITS site.  Please visit the DOSITS webpage, Webinar Series
for Regulators of Underwater Sound
<http://www.dosits.org/resources/all/decisionmakers/ircwebinar/>, to view
this archived webinar on sound and marine mammals.

The 4th webinar in this series will take place on *Tuesday, May 10, 2016,
at 12:00 pm (U.S. East Coast time)*.  *Dr.’s Arthur Popper and Tony
Hawkins* will
discuss *sound sources and marine fishes, the potential effects of sound on
marine fishes, exposure criteria, and data gaps.  *

*Interested individuals must register in advance* for this webinar. * To
register please visit:

Questions?  Please contact Holly Morin at holly_morin at uri.edu.
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