[MARMAM] Four month EUROPEAN Fisheries Liaison Officer (FLO) and Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) positions available with Ocean Science Consulting (OSC): request from the OSC recruitment team

Victoria Todd v.todd at oceanscienceconsulting.com
Fri May 6 06:05:02 PDT 2016

Dear MARMAM members,

Ocean Science Consulting Ltd. (OSC) has a requirement to fill a _four 
month_ Fisheries Liaison (FLO) and Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) position 
in _Europe_. All FLOs/MMOs must have previous FLO/MMO experience, all 
relevant and up-to-date medical and offshore safety certificates to work 
in _European_ waters, and must be available for _four months 
consecutively_, from _early July_ _2016_ to _early October 2016_. A 
full, clean driving licence is required.

Please note, this advertisement is for European waters. If you are not 
able currently to work in Europe, or for four months consecutively, 
please do not apply.

Ocean Science Consulting Ltd (OSC) is an international research and 
technology-focused marine science company involved principally in 
supplying marine mammal detection and risk mitigation services. OSC 
reinvests more than 80% of profits into R&D, which is orientated 
primarily towards high-level research on harbour porpoise interactions 
with offshore installations, and improving marine mammal and 
environmental monitoring standards worldwide, and has resulted in 
peer-reviewed publications and a non-profit book entitled the Marine 
Mammal Observer and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Handbook: 

Applications and any supporting documents should be emailed to 
recruitment at osc.co.uk. Please _DO NOT_ respond to me directly.

Kind regards,

OSC Recruitment Team
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