[MARMAM] New publication on beaked whale

Marcos Santos sotalia at gmail.com
Thu May 5 14:15:11 PDT 2016

Dear Marmamers: The following manuscript was recently released:

Santos, M. C. de O. & Figueiredo, G. C. 2016. A rare sighting of a
bottlenose whale (Hyperoodon planifrons, Flower, 1882) in shallow waters
off southeastern Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Oceanography, 64(1): 105-110.

This note describes the unusual sighting of a bottlenose beaked whale
planifrons*) in shallow subtropical waters of southeastern Brazil. Details
on specimen identification, previous sightings and strandings worldwide, a
discussion on the species' use of area and recommendations on further
into pelagic cetaceans are presented.

PDF can be downloaded at:

Dr. Marcos C
sar de Oliveira Santos
rio de Biologia da Conserva
de Mam
feros Aqu
ticos (LABCMA)
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