[MARMAM] New Publication: New genetic data extend the range of river dolphins Inia in the Amazon Delta

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Dear all,

We are pleased to announce our new publication:

Siciliano, S., Valiati, V.H., Emin-Lima, R., Costa, A.F., Sartor, J.,
Dorneles, T., Silva Junior, J.S., Oliveira, L.R. (2016). New genetic data
extend the range of river dolphins *Inia* in the Amazon Delta.
Hydrobiologia. DOI 10.1007/s10750-016-2794-7


Geographic distribution is basic information on the biology for any
species. However, the precise data on spatial limits of species are
unavailable for most taxa, but knowledge of such data is essential for
their conservation and monitoring. We report the northernmost records of *Inia
araguaiaensis*, a newly described river dolphin that occurs in the Araguaia
and Tocantins Rivers, in central-eastern Brazil. Three stranded specimens
were collected in Marajó Bay area and were identified as *I.
araguaiaensis* based
on mitochondrial DNA analysis. We assume that these records represent not
only a range expansion of nearly 500 km north from the previous known limit
of *I. araguaiaensis*, but also a potential evidence on species-level
responses to changes in habitat, as a result of adaptability to variable
environmental conditions. These new records based on stranded animals
reveal the importance of sampling effort in remote areas, such as coastal
waters of the Amazon estuary

ecosystem, and help to establish the actual distribution limits of this
aquatic mammal for conservation purposes.

You can access the paper here:


Or alternatively you can email us directly for a copy:

(gemmlagos at gmail.com)


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