[MARMAM] Scientific data manager position at the Marine Mammal Laboratory

Peter Boveng - NOAA Federal peter.boveng at noaa.gov
Mon May 2 12:20:35 PDT 2016

The Polar Ecosystems Program at the Marine Mammal Laboratory of NOAA's
Alaska Fisheries Science Center is recruiting for a full-time permanent
scientific data manager:


The position will require designing and managing database systems for
ecological data on marine mammals, particularly aerial photographic survey
data and satellite telemetry data on movements and behavior of seals.
Desired skills include designing enterprise databases, e.g., Oracle or
Postgres, and programming in R, Python, etc., to automate various aspects
of data flow.

The position is open to U.S. citizens and nationals. It will be filled
under the "Operations Research Analyst" job series, and located in Seattle,
WA. The deadline for applications is 16 May 2016.

The Polar Ecosystems Program conducts research and monitoring on pinnipeds
in arctic and sub-arctic ecosystems. The research projects focus primarily
on abundance, trends, distribution, and foraging behavior of harbor,
bearded, ringed, spotted, and ribbon seals in Alaska. The primary
objectives of the program are to support management and assessment of
population status under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and to gain a
better understanding of the factors responsible for the dynamics of
populations and their roles in the ecosystem.

Please forward this announcement to whomever you think may have an interest
in this opportunity.

Peter Boveng
Polar Ecosystems Program Leader
Marine Mammal Laboratory
NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115 USA
tel: +1.206.526.4244
peter.boveng at noaa.gov
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