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Application Window Open: 2016 Marine Conservation Summer Institute
Program Dates: July 11- August 12, 2016

The Duke University Marine Laboratory is pleased to offer a new suite of courses this summer as a part of the 2016 Marine Conservation Summer Institute<http://superpod.ml.duke.edu/mcsi/>:

*         Conservation Biology & Policy (Doug Nowacek, Steve Roady, James Morris, Barbara Garrity- Blake) (Taught Tuesday & Friday)
Immersion in marine conservation biology and policy. Basic tools of marine conservation for 21st Century society intertwined with current issue modules (e.g., fisheries/aquaculture). Hands-on, team-based, experiential learning w/meaningful faculty-student engagement. Phenomena affecting maintenance and loss of biodiversity (climate change, habitat destruction); key concepts of social science and law for instituting conservation policy; unique experiential learning highlighting ecological, economic, cultural, and institutional complexity associated with current conservation issues. BIO 270A (undergraduate)/BIO709A (grad). 3 Duke credits.

*         Unoccupied Aircraft Systems in Scientific Research ( David Johnston) (Taught Tuesday & Friday)
The use of unoccupied aircraft systems  (UAS) is changing how marine scientists collect data on animals and the environments they inhabit.  This course introduces students to the basics of using UAS in marine environments, presenting examples of existing and emerging applications, detailing the types of sensors used for marine applications, describes the sampling complexities of the marine environment, and provides and overview of typical workflows and data management.  Details on regulatory and permitting requirements to fly UAS and legally and safely are also covered. The lab portion of the course will focus on basic aeronautics, flight planning and simulations, and the design, assembly, operation and maintenance of unoccupied aerial vehicles. ENV 335LA (undergrad) /735LA (grad). 4 Duke credits. For additional information on Duke's new Unoccupied Aircraft Systems Facility visit the website<http://superpod.ml.duke.edu/uas/>.

*         Marine Mammals & Seabirds (Lesley Thorne, Andy Read (Taught Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

This field-intensive course covers the biology, management and conservation of marine mammals and sea birds.  Detailed consideration is given to adaptation, ecology and conservation. Laboratory and field exercises address behavior, ecology, and communication of local populations of marine mammal and seabirds. The course is suitable for both undergraduate and graduate students. BIO 376LA (undergrad)/BIO 776LA (grad) 4 Duke credits.

*         Additional course options include Marine Ecology and Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles.

Tuition & Fees<https://nicholas.duke.edu/marinelab/programs/undergraduate/tuition-fees>  are available on our website. These courses are appropriate for undergraduate, post baccs, graduate students & professionals. Tuition scholarship requests will be reviewed after 1 April. To request a tuition scholarship<https://nicholas.duke.edu/marinelab/programs/undergraduate/financial-assistance>, send a statement of interest to Amy.Kirkland at duke.edu<mailto:Amy.Kirkland at duke.edu> with a letter of recommendation by 1 April (scholarship deadline may be extended if additional funds are available).

I'll be happy to answer any questions & assist with getting participants enrolled.

All the best,


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