[MARMAM] SeaScribe: a new at-sea survey data collection app

Iain Stenhouse iain.stenhouse at briloon.org
Fri Mar 25 11:56:26 PDT 2016

For those of you involved in offshore surveys for seabirds, marine 
mammals, and other wildlife --

The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) recently funded the 
development of a new at-sea survey data collection app for Android and 
iOS platforms, such as tablets. The app, called /*SeaScribe*/, was 
developed by the Biodiversity Research Institute and Tilson Government 
Services, and has now been approved for release.

In short, /*SeaScribe*/ is a data collection tool for offshore wildlife 
surveyors (using either boats or planes) that is specifically designed 
to improve data standardization and work flow, reduce data entry errors, 
and decrease time from raw data output to finalized datasets for analysis.

/*SeaScribe*/ features include:

  * capturing environmental conditions and behavioral information
    alongside each geo-referenced wildlife observation, using internal
    or external GPS,
  * efficient data entry screens with core data fields and the ability
    to create and use customized data fields,
  * capturing digital photographs and audio clips from onboard cameras
    and microphones, tagged to specific observations and locations,
  * export of data in JSON or CSV file formats, including tagged images
    or audio clips, via email or Dropbox, and
  * a reporting tool that summarizes survey data by transect or survey
    for screen view or exporting.

And, as if that wasn't exciting enough, BOEM has made the app 
/*freely*//**//*available*/ for download via

/Google Play/ (https://play.google.com/store/search?q=seascribe&c=apps)

and the

/iTunes App Store/ 

For more information about /*SeaScribe*/, and to download the handy 
User's Guide, please visit our website at -- 

-- *Iain Stenhouse, PhD* /Senior Science Director Marine Bird Program 
Director/ Biodiversity Research Institute 276 Canco Road Portland, Maine 
04103, USA Tel: 207-839-7600 x210 /www.briloon.org/

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