[MARMAM] Protected Resources Jobs in NMFS Alaska Region

Jon Kurland - NOAA Federal jon.kurland at noaa.gov
Mon Mar 21 11:04:51 PDT 2016

Please help spread the word about two forthcoming job opportunities in the
NMFS Alaska Region Protected Resources Division.  The division is
responsible for management of a variety of protected species including
whales, fur seals, ice seals, harbor seals, and Steller sea lions.  We will
be advertising for two ZP 401 band III (GS 11/12 equivalent) Marine Mammal
Specialist vacancies via one announcement.  The positions may be filled in
either Anchorage or Juneau and will be advertised for both status and
non-status applicants.  (Status applicants must be current or former
federal civilian employees who hold or held non-temporary appointments in
the competitive service.  Non-status applicants may be any US citizen.)

The people hired for these two positions will work in a team environment to
conduct analyses and implement conservation actions to promote the
management and recovery of protected species under the Endangered Species
Act (ESA) and Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA).  The duties for the two
jobs will be similar, including tasks such as such as ESA section 7
consultations to evaluate and minimize the effects of federal agency
actions on listed marine mammals, and working with stakeholders to avoid or
minimize harassment of marine mammals and promote the recovery of listed
species.  We're looking for people with excellent project management,
analytical, writing, and verbal communication skills, and hopefully having
prior experience with the MMPA and ESA.

The vacancy announcement will be issued soon.  We are allowed to have only
a brief application period (probably 7-14 days); hence this early
notification.  The announcement will be posted at www.usajobs.gov.

If you're interested in one of these positions, please get your resume and
transcripts ready to submit when the announcement is posted.  I will send
another email once I know the dates of the application periods.  Anyone who
has questions about the jobs should feel free to contact me at 907-586-7638
or jon.kurland at noaa.gov.  Please forward this email to others who may be
interested.  Thanks!

Jon Kurland
Assistant Regional Administrator for Protected Resources
NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Region
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