[MARMAM] Marine Mammal Observer course - July - Perth - Western Australia

Yvonne Miles - Scanning Ocean Sectors yvonne at scanningoceansectors.com
Mon Jun 27 20:16:18 PDT 2016

*We are pleased to announce a MMO training course - Perth Western Australia
July 2016.*

*Scanning Ocean Sectors* specialises in training, consultancy and
supply of *Marine
Mammal Observer (MMO)* / *Marine Fauna Observer (MFO) *worldwide.

We are JNCC recognised/approved course for industry and research for the
UKCS and have been effectively running for over 13 years.

We have years of research behind the effective and consistent training of
MMOs/MFOs including courses adapted/personalised to the requirements of our
clients, and taught by professionals in their specialised fields. Our staff
are fully trained and experienced in all areas of the MMO/MFO line of work.

Our training courses are about ensuring professionalism and high standards
of knowledge within the industry. Our highly experienced staff facilitate
private training courses to students in a classroom environment, attaining
new theoretical and practical skills and competencies on an international

Scanning Ocean Sectors ensure that the vocational, practical skills and
knowledge relate to the specific useful competencies. Our training forms
the core background information and provides the backbone of content to
support students in the field.

In addition to the core training required for this profession, we provide
additional advanced training and specialised training for specific hard and
software equipment where required.

Continuous support is provided to all our training students from the moment
they qualify and unlike other courses, we offer a legal refresher course
every *3 years*.

Industries today recognise the need to continue training beyond initial
qualifications, to maintain, upgrade and update skills throughout staffs
work time. We can provide this professional development for each and every
person who is trained by our company, please ask for a quotation

The practical unit of “on-the-job training” has a general reputation as
being the most effective for vocational work, so this is exactly what we
do. Students are in a simulated work environment and will have to respond
to each and every situation we put their way; this is completed in the
classroom and at sea, every student is carefully monitored throughout this
training process and assess accordingly.

Each student is *graded* in their certification to ensure the professional
quality standard of the MMO/MFO. We are the only course that gives Marine
Mammal Observer Identification Cards to each qualifying MMO attaining any
grades above a standard pass rate.

Please note you must register and pay at the same time.

If you require group training, please contact us and ask for a quotation

For full prices please visit www.marinemammalobservertraining.com/prices/.

*MMO Training Course Date in 2016*


   - *July 12th - 15th*
   - *September 5th - 8th*
   - *November 7th - 10th*
   - *December 5th - 8th*


   - *August 1st - 4th*
   - *October 3rd - 6th*




*More dates to be arranged – please pre book.*


*More dates to be arranged – please pre book.*



REGISTER NOW <http://www.marinemammalobservertraining.com/register/>

Visit the website to register for the next MMO course.


*Yvonne Miles*
Managing Director

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