[MARMAM] 10 Day Research Survey off Cornish coast, UK, 29 August - 8 September

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*Marine Mammal Research Survey*

*29 August – 8 September 2016, Falmouth, Cornwall*

Join us for this exciting new 10 day research survey off the Cornish coast
where you will gain hands-on experience in marine mammal monitoring via
visual and acoustic surveys.  Practical skills you will acquire:


   Boat-based monitoring

   Visual surveys for cetaceans, pinnipeds, basking sharks and seabirds

   Passive Acoustic Monitoring theory and practice

   Photographic identification

   Data collection and mapping techniques

This is a great opportunity to work on the 54 ft sail boat, The Hardiesse,
carrying out marine wildlife surveys, learning valuable skills that will
benefit you in your future academic or professional career.  This course
could also give you the means to gather data for your end of year
dissertation project.


Cornwall is an extremely diverse area for marine wildlife. Just off the
coast of Falmouth we have our summer visitors, Risso’s dolphins and Minke
whales, and we may still have basking sharks lurking around the coast.
August is the best time of the year to record the smallest cetacean, the
Harbour porpoise, which are residents around the coast all year. We also
have an inshore pod of bottlenose dolphins which roam the coastal waters of
Cornwall as well as an offshore pod which we can find further offshore;
Common dolphins are very common inshore and offshore, and grey seals are
present is the coastal waters. We should also be seeing a huge range of
seabirds including the Gannets, Fulmars, Skua’s and shearwaters.

Room-sharing accommodation and lunch will be provided.

Please contact training at seiche.com or you can book online at
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