[MARMAM] New Paper on Metallothionein Levels in Commerson's dolphins

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We are happy to announce our recent publication:

Hepatic and renal metallothionein concentrations in Commerson's
dolphins (*Cephalorhynchus
commersonii*) from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Cáceres-Saez I, Polizzi P,
Romero B, Dellabianca NA, Goodall RNP, Ribeiro Guevara S, Cappozzo HL,
Gerpe M. *Marine Pollution Bulletin* 108 (2016) 263-267.



The Commerson's dolphin is the most common endemic odontocete of
subantarctic waters of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina incidentally caught in
fishing nets. The species is classified as “Data Deficient” by the
IUCN. Metallothioneins
(MTs) are considered as suitable biomarkers for health and environmental
monitoring. The aims of the study were to assess MT concentrations in the
liver and kidney of bycaught specimens. Moreover,

correlations with Zn, Se, Cd, Ag and Hg, and the molar ratios of MT:metals
were estimated to evaluate if there is an indication of their respective
protective role against metal toxicity in tissues. Hepatic and renal MT
concentrations were similar, ranging from 11.6 to 29.1 nmol·g−1 WW, and
Kidney/Liver ratios ranging from 0.73 to 1.93 corresponded to normal
ranges. Results suggest that MTs are related to physiological ranges for
the species. This information constitutes the first MT report on
Commerson's dolphins and possibly considered as baseline for species'

Full text is available at:

For more information or pdf copy please contact us: paulapolizzi at gmail.com
 or  caceres.saez at gmail.com

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