[MARMAM] publication on new dolphin morbillivirus molecular technique

Sandro Mazzariol sandro.mazzariol at unipd.it
Tue Jun 14 21:57:10 PDT 2016

Dear colleagues, My co-authors and I are pleased to announce the 
following publication:

*Molecular analysis of dolphin morbillivirus: A new sensitive detection 
method****based on nested RT-PCR.* Centelleghe C, Beffagna G, Zanetti R, 
Zappulli V, Di Guardo G,Mazzariol S. Abstract: Cetacean Morbillivirus 
(CeMV) has been identified as the most pathogenic virusfor cetaceans. 
Over the past three decades, this RNA virus has caused several outbreaks 
of lethal disease in odontocetes and mysticetes worldwide. Isolationand 
identification of CeMV RNA is very challenging in whales because of the 
poor preservation status frequently shown by tissues from stranded 
animals. Nestedreverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (nested 
RT-PCR) is used instead of conventional RT-PCR when it is necessary to 
increase the sensitivity and thespecificity of the reaction. This study 
describes a new nested RT-PCR technique useful to amplify small amounts 
of the cDNA copy of Cetacean morbillivirus (CeMV)when it is present in 
scant quantity in whales' biological specimens. This technique was used 
to analyze different tissues (lung, brain, spleen and otherlymphoid 
tissues) from one under human care seal and seven cetaceans stranded 
along the Italian coastline between October 2011 and September 2015. 
Awell-characterized, 200 base pair (bp) fragment of the dolphin 
Morbillivirus (DMV) haemagglutinin (H) gene, obtained by nested RT-PCR, 
was sequenced and used to confirm DMV positivity in all the eight marine 
mammals under study. In conclusion, this nested RT-PCR protocol can 
represent a sensitive detectionmethod to identify CeMV-positive, poorly 
preserved tissue samples. Furthermore, this is also a rather inexpensive 
molecular technique, relatively easy to apply.


The paper is available online at the following page:


Kind Regards,

Sandro Mazzariol

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